Home Staging for Home Owners

Home Owners

Limelight House offers a range of services for homeowners including:

1. Home Staging to Sell

When selling your home, you want it to sell quickly and for its highest price.

None of us live in show homes, however, so there is always a choice to be made about the effort, time and money we invest in preparing our homes for sale.

We know that cleaning and de-cluttering is essential but what does de-cluttering even mean?

How do we decide what to put away and what to leave on display?

We know the tiles in the kitchen are cracked but is it really worth getting them fixed?

Will potential buyers even notice?

Even if we did redecorate, what colours would we use, who would do it, what would it cost, will I get this money back?

When would I get the time to organise all this anyway?

These are all valid questions and it’s easy to see why many homeowners don’t take the action required to ensure they get the top price for their house.

These are also the reasons which explain why many houses sit on the market month after month and are only sold with significant reductions in price.

The evidence shows that only 10% of house buyers can look past outdated, dis-organised and cluttered rooms and are discouraged by “things not being right” even when these things are very easy to change.

It was discussing these issues with homeowners and buyers that led Jennifer to set up Limelight House.

Jennifer will advise you on the changes you should make to your property (and, just as importantly, those that you shouldn’t) that are most likely to pay dividends. She also provides a comprehensive range of services to make the process as simple and easy as possible.

‘Home Staging is the opposite of interior design.

Rather than paying for bespoke and expensive furnishings that reflect the personal taste of the home owner, the aim of home staging is to make relatively low cost changes that transform your home into a property that appeals to a wide set of prospective buyers and motivates them to make an offer.

This is especially important when your home is competing with many others on the market in the same price range.’

Step 1: Get Started with a Home Staging Consultation

Home staging is easy and starts with a home staging consultation.

Jennifer will visit your property and provide you with advice and key recommendations on the cost-effective changes that will make the most of the space available and highlight the properties best features so that it appeals to a wide set of prospective target buyers.

In many cases, major transformations can be been made simply by de-cluttering and rearranging the furniture that already exists in the house.

In other cases, home staging can involve small repairs, redecorating, refreshing the kitchen and bathrooms or bringing in new furniture, accessories and art. Most projects lie somewhere between these two examples.

Whatever the case for your property, all recommended changes will be set out in a home staging report together with local contact details for the services required (e.g. cleaners, de-clutterers, storage, tradesmen, furniture hire, carpet fitters, gardeners).

Find out more about a home consultation

Step 2: Optional Services

There are a number of optional services depending on whether you wish to: implement the recommendations by yourself (which saves money); use Limelight House to organise everything for you; or, some combination of the two:

Project management of the whole staging project – this is a good option when home owners don’t have the time to manage the work themselves or don’t live in the house;

Personal shopping – for the stylish accessories required to show your house off to its best, for example: furniture, mirrors, bed linen, lighting, bathroom towels, flowers;

Home staging day – this provides you with a full day of hands on staging to dress the rooms in the way suggested during the consultation so that they are perfectly presented for your estate agent to take the marketing photographs;

Hosting of an open day to show your home to potential buyers.

2. Virtual Staging/Home Staging by Phone (coming soon)

If you are outside the North West region of England, or would like a lower cost solution to your staging needs, Limelight House founder Jennifer Anderson is available for phone consultations to answer your staging or decorating questions.

Your photos and home videos can be submitted for detailed review.

Learn more about virtual staging.

3. Home Staging to Stay

Would you like to transform or create a new look for your property to enjoy yourself?

The emphasis is on using what you already have in better ways so that your home is more comfortable to live in and more welcoming to others.

We also advise on cosmetic changes (e.g. paint colour) and provide furniture, furnishings and accessories that will complement your existing furniture and new style.

4. Furniture

At Limelight House we work with a wide range of furniture and accessories suppliers. This ensures that we can source the right furniture and accessories to get the right light for your particular house, either for yourself or for your target buyer.

5. Transform your Home with Colour

Paint is one of the quickest and most cost- effective ways of transforming your home. A colour consultation is often combined with a home staging to stay appointment.