1. Does your home have Kerb Appeal?
    We only have one chance to make a good impression.
    We can concentrate too much on making the interior of our homes beautiful, but if we don’t have any potential buyers to our home then it will be time and money spent in vain.
    Power wash driveways
    Hang easy to read numbers
    Wash the windows
    Mow the lawn
    Will all convince potential buyers to step further into your property and not turned away at first glance.
  2. Keep it clean
    Probably the easiest (and maybe the cheapest) way to ensure that your home is looking it’s best. You can do this yourself or hire professionals for a ‘deep clean’.
  3. De-clutter – all clutter must go!
    All the clutter must go. Essentially you are looking to make sure that your house looks as spacious as it can be. Clear all surfaces – remove all unnecessary items. Store i a garage (not yours! that should be empty too!) or in temporary storage.
    Try and view your property as if you were a buyer. Something that maybe your favourite item, may not go down do well with buyers. Remember they are looking for their new home – not to view yours!
    But don’t de-personalise the house. Leave some personality in the home so that it does not look cold or uninviting.
  4. Fresh lick of paint
    It does not take that long and can spruce up a room very quickly. Choose neutral colours. These will allow viewers to imagine what they would do with the room
  5. Get rid of bad smells
    One of the first things that a viewer will notice is the smell of your home. Empty all bins, open windows, get rid of old furniture and try a few welcoming smells (e.g. freshly brewed coffee)
  6. No Pets please or Toys
    Whilst we all love our pet’s it is best to remove all signs of them being in the house (including the smell!)

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